Tips for Anchoring in Community

Tips for increasing community anchors

  1. Sign the child up for activities they are interested in and make sure to attend yourself.

  2. Visit local parks, and point out to your child the features that they can remember, ie “this is the caste park, this is the park with the big slide etc. Point the park out as you pass by it while driving. You want the child to be able to “mark” the landscape in the community as if they have a map in their head.

  3. Visit local history and cultural landmarks in your community, read books or make up stories to go with them ( see the storytelling skill sheet for tips on this)

  4. Research the history of your area and talk about the stories as you drive or walk. SO many histories to choose form, geographic, stories or origin, famous people who made the community.

  5. For older kids, get them involve in thinking about local issues and educate them on civic responsibility like voting.

  6. Have your child draw a map each week adding a place you have visited, and keep the art in a place they can see and review. Revisit it during a phone call to help them anticipate more adventures next time you are together.

  7. For older children, have a treasure hunt in the community to explore and investigate the area. Try geo-caching for older kids.

  8. Remember, nature build brains, so get outside and have your child enjoy whatever landscape is around. Hiking, swimming, biking, walking etc.

  9. Visit the local Humane society or rescue to have a “visit” with animals. Volunteer with the child at community events, a homeless feeding site, with the parks department clean-up day or walkathon for a cause you believe in.

  10. Make sure children have a local doctor or medical care center that they know will help when/if they need medical care in your home.

  11. Visit the local fire departments as well and teach them safety skills.

  12. Copyright Kristine Clay 2015

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