Why Integrative Parent Coaching?

Why this type of parent coaching? Well let’s start with this – it is not because you are not a good enough parent. The fact that you are reading this and even considering such a mentoring opportunity shows that you have interest in growing and developing the skills needed to help your children navigate the changes in their lives. That by definition is a good parent. What is Integrative Parent Coaching? This unique type of support to parent going through complex custody or high conflict divorce was developed to specifically address your needs, is case specific but also in every parent utilizing knowledge about brain development, attachment strategies, child development and family systems. We will integrate all of these concepts to improve your relationship with your partnering parent, your child and integrate neural synapses in you and your child’s very brain. We know from research in neuroscience that the brain's connections are formed, even changed by experience. The connections you have today, are different than yesterday and are impacted but the very reading of this post or engaging in a session with a coach. You have a pleasant interaction with someone, your feel that pleasure and your brain connects around that experience. Therefore, the next experience you have with that person will be built on previous pleasant experience. Neural connections actually change with experience. Everything we will do together will work to bring a balance, a strong resiliency and confidence to your child and will enhance your relationship with them. Basic parenting skills are woven into the experience but we go much farther than a typical parenting class or book, we get to the “brain of the matter.” An important benefit is the opportunity to learn new ways to interact with your ex or partnering parent. It is probably not news to you that divorcing parent often do not get along or see eye to eye on issues regarding the children. Often there is conflict and poor communication between former partners. We can get creative about negotiations, flexibility and problem solving between parents as you navigate sharing parenting duties. Understanding these concepts of attachment strategies aimed at protecting ourselves helps us learn the function of behavior and how to meet a need so the patterns of failed communication can change. As a coach, I can help you learn a new “dance” with your ex that will lead to increased communication and decreased tensions, and surely benefits the children between. I am available by phone to text to consult and encourage this contact between sessions, especially if a crisis arises or behaviors change and you feel the need to have ideas. SO let’s get started…… Change awaits.

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