Let's play.

Why play? Mr. Roger's said "plays allows us a safe distance as we work on what's close to our hearts." You've heard play is the work of child hood. That's true but let's look at a moment at why play is so important in childhood and frankly in every stage of the lifespan. We adults remember those days right? In many ways, we long for the kind of freedom to be curious and explore. Have you noticed that children struggle to play when they're not feeling safe? If they're in a stressful situation or environment where they are feeling insecure, then play is not at the forefront of the mind. Protection and self comfort is. Play for a child engages both fear and anticipation, surprise and release joy and glee. There are moments of problem solving and impulses that must be curved while others are released. Curiosity under-girds all in play as does creativity. You knew and be long before I brought up the brain. What is so important about this engagement of play is that it allows an integration of the right and left hemispheres of the brain; the creative implicit emotional part and the logical problem solving sequential part. N

ow go find your kid and play! copyright 2015 Kristine Clay

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