A resiliency primer


Together we are working to build resiliency that will help your child navigate changes. Three vital areas of resiliency include a sense of mastery, sense of relatedness and emotional regulation skills. Do you espouse hope? Belief in your child's strength? Traits such as optimism, self-efficacy, and adaptability improve and strengthen the ability for your child to cope with stressful or adverse life circumstances. Your child has skills they use everyday- point them out and celebrate both large and small achievements.Tell them: you did a great job with....." The relationship connection to you can be strengthened to exist in their mind even while you spend time apart. A sense of "belonging" and relatedness acts as a buffer to help them manage stress. Remind them you share the same sky- even when apart- you are connected. Emotional Reactivity increases a child’s vulnerability to adversity and increases negative coping skills. Teaching a child to narrate their experiences and feelings creates confidence and helps them manage and master negative emotions. Ask: how does that make you feel? Building resiliency muscles!

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