Adoption Counseling and Attachment Support

I believe families are built in a variety of way. The journey of adoption is one of the most beautiful, joyous and in some families, most challenging of journeys. Attachment is the bond we build with others, the wiring of two (or more) brains and joining of two experiences into a "community ."

We all strategies in relationships to get our needs met and when the early months or years have been difficult, children may need to have help developing new behaviors and strategies. Families are diverse and I am here to support all parents interested in caring for and loving a child or teen well. 


I use my expertise to help parent in their coping and parental practices to meet the needs of the unique child in the adoption story. We work together to develop a healthy positive attachment through shared positive experiences, counseling and parenting ideas.

Call for a complimentary consultations to discus how we can partner in helping your family closeness and enjoy time together, 

Girl and stuffed animal
Teenagers in Nature
Smiling Baby