Who Am I?


I have 27 years of experience working with adults, children and teens struggling with trauma, depression, anxiety and life stressors. This includes families in transition of adoption, divorce and post divorce.


I am also interested and offer my experience in support to any individual struggling with depression, anxiety and trauma recovery. 

I have experience working with adoption and work to promote the best attachment no matter the age of the child or family configuration. 

I am a professional interested in coming alongside and supporting parents and children through the often difficult changes in divorce or complex custody situations.

I have a passion and knowledge to guide parents in rebuilding and/or strengthening their relationship with a child of any age who has had challenges as their family has changed.

My interest in relational neuroscience and attachment are foundational to these interventions. 

I have over 90 hours of specialized training internationally in attachment and consider attachment and neuroscience foundation to all of my work. . I am certified in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and a Certified Family Trauma specialist. I am a Child Mental Health Specialist and mental health professional.  

I hold a Doctorate in Psychology and am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the State of Washington. 


I bring my experence of over 27 years working with families in crisis, trauma or those simply struggling with the demands of life. I have been involved in the community as a teacher, therapist and supervisor for programs that support families.  

 Curriculim Vitae
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Experience wires the brain
Relationship is essential.

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