Counseling and coaching

Relational Neuroscience and attachment based parent/co-parent coaching, counseling, and support to parents, children and teens in family transitions.

Counseling for those with depression, anxiety trauma and other life stressors. 

Pre-adoption and Post adoption counseling.

Healing Happens in the Present

Post-divorce issues
Let's work together to reduce conflict, change the "dance" between you and a partnering parent, increase a sense of family connection and present your case to the court through a new lens.

From a parent

From a family

Serving the Puget Sound, Olympic Peninsula and Western Washington

Parent/Child Relationship
Your a parent, likely the most important role in your life. Let's partner in increasing attunement, resonance and experience between you and your child, especially in cases where your relationship with your child or your influence may have been reduced. We can also address how attachment strategies protect us and how to act with this undertanding.

Relationships do not change us they create us in sense- the brain wires around the experience we have with one another; actually structurally changing. Let's learn ways to create resiliency, promote neural integration to help with emotional regulation, desicion-making and memory.

Is life becoming more of a struggle? For you, a relationship, for a child? Let's work together to improve moods, anxiety, relationship difficulties, low self worth or recover from trauma? Together we can use tools for family cohesion or reduction on conflict. 


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